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RichWeb manages all of our network infrastructure from a routing and switching perspective. When I overhauled our network and server infrastructure last October, I brought in RichWeb to leverage their expertise in setting up a secure, well thought out, multi-VLAN?ed/subnetted network using business class routers, switches and firewall.

For a monthly fee of $140, RichWeb leases us a business class Cisco router/firewall and two Cisco switches, maintains all of our configurations, backups of these configs, updates to any of these devices when Cisco makes them available and will also swap out the hardware within 24 hours should any one of them malfunction. Small scale requests to modify ports, ACL’s or DNS/DHCP settings are performed as part of the monthly fee.

It’s when I have to engage RichWeb to perform larger scale changes to our complex network infrastructure that we end up incurring an additional invoice for those services, but this doesn’t happen often and as we get closer to finalizing the stability and permanence of our network, additional work needed by RichWeb should be few and far between.

Two recent examples of changes to our network needing RichWeb services are:

1) With the addition of 15+ new Ethernet drops in the new build out space, we needed another switch added to our wall mounted rack in order to activate these drops and incorporate them into our network. While adding this switch, RichWeb had to configure this switch to accommodate several different VLANs and assign certain ports in the switch to only operate on certain subnets. They then had to use two SFP modules to connect our two switches together for the purposes of failover/redundancy.

2) With the recent addition of new security cameras and NVR system, the installer emailed me his requirements for the system to function properly on the network and also be accessible from outside of the office. In order to meet his requirements, I had to have RichWeb create a new? security? VLAN for this system (VLAN30), assign specific static IP addresses to these cameras and NVR, setup the needed port forwards/open ports (TCP & UPD) as well as assign one of our 5 available public WAN IP addresses in a 1:1 configuration with the NVR for out of office access of
the cameras.

Again, as these changes to our environment level out, all that we will see from RichWeb on a monthly basis is the $140 for the leasing and maintenance of our router/firewall and switches.

I know this is a lot to take in, but I hope that I have explained well, the value that RichWeb brings to us from an enterprise network infrastructure perspective. I do rely on the expertise that RichWeb provides to keep our network safe, secure and fully functional and to pick up where my knowledge in this area lacks.