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PRTG Network Monitor: A Quick Overview

PRTG Network Monitor is the all-inclusive monitoring software that assures the availability of all network components within an IT-infrastructure, and measures traffic and usage with one single solution.

Choice of Options for PRTG

How does Richweb work with PRTG to provide the best client experience?

Richweb is a proud Paessler PRTG partner and works directly with Paessler to train, sell, and implement PRTG Monitor solutions. Richweb is a trusted resource for PRTG training and implementation because we are certified to work in the most demanding environments. Richweb’s vast engineering expertise and creative approach to design and problem solving allows our customers to get the most value from their PRTG implementations. We are excited to learn new environments and test our capabilities. Our clients know we have the expertise to guide their installation and understanding to new levels.

Richweb can take on a variety of roles with your PRTG implementation, from simple guidance and basic implementation to highly complex, clustered installations that require deep access into the software via its API. Richweb has the expertise to help our clients think deep about their environments to uncover and monitor their IT infrastructure effectively.

PRTG has helped Richweb monitor its very own datacenter and we are constantly testing and experimenting with new methods to monitor new aspects of our environment.

If you have questions about how Richweb utilizes PRTG and need an expert opinion, contact us today.