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What are Managed Services?

Managed services is Richweb’s IT as a Service (ITaaS) platform. It means Richweb takes the burden of managing your IT infrastructure off your company’s hands, and we put into ours. Through managed services, our company can bring an enterprise-grade IT experience to your business.
Richweb works with you and your team to implement secure policies, industry best practices, automation, monitoring, disaster recovery, cloud and data center connectivity. We provide these services in a cost effective manner, while customizing solutions to meet your company’s needs and budget.
With Richweb’s ITaaS platform, you can be reassured that your routers and switches, wireless network and servers, security and backups are all being handled by professionals.

Customer Needs

Customer’s are grappling with growth, branch connectivity, remote deployments, and this thing called a cloud.

We are finding out clients are asking these key questions:

  • How do I secure my company’s computers and data?
  • How do I secure and connect my mobile workforce to company resources?
  • Can I virtualize my server and put it in the cloud??
  • How do I recover from a disaster?
  • Can I keep my workforce productive and secure?
  • How can I recover and prevent Crypto-viruses and other ransomeware from crippling my business?

What you get:

Richweb can manage all of your PCs on your network. This means verifying and installing updates, installing new software, updating software, preventing blacklisted software from being installed, and keeping tabs on the general health of the PCs.

Our clients also get an industry best anti-virus and content filtering system to keep your users safe and productive.

Our team can manage routers, switches, and firewalls to keep your network secure and diagnose issues as they arise. Richweb can also deploy cost-effective, secure, and manageable wireless solutions to keep your employees and guests connected to the network and internet, while keeping them separate from one another.

Richweb can also manage your servers, keep them updated, secured, and backed up. We also manage on-site servers and can migrate your servers to our datacenter.

We offer an industry best remote backup solution that can copy your files securely to the cloud and restore lost or corrupted files in minutes. Richweb can restore your entire server if disaster strikes, fully backed up and ready to deploy.

Watch what we can do for you!
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