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What is WeCare? WeCare is Richweb’s simplified consulting and implementation program designed to add value to new and existing customers. Richweb understands our client’s needs and we have developed managed programs to help our client’s get up and running fast.
By providing aggressive pricing on our value-added services, we can provide a better hand-holding experience to our customers and help them build and maintain expectations when working with an experienced consultant. Check out our WeCare pricing below for more details.

WeCare Web Plans and Pricing

$245per month
  • Free hosting
  • includes base E-Commerce requirements (Dedicated SSL Cert, Static IP)
  • 5 labor hours per month
  • (60 hours per year)
$495per year
  • Free hosting
  • Add $200/yr for base E-Commerce requirements (Dedicated SSL Cert, Static IP)
  • 10 labor hours per year
  • (10 hours per year)

All you need to know

What is WeCare Web?

WeCare is a service that we offer to all of our customers after their website has been completed. It provides our customers with free hosting and a personal contact on our WeCare team in order to provide support for their website after site completion.

What can I use my WeCare for?

Your WeCare can be used for any and all updates or changes that you need made to your website. This includes content, theming, images, changing out of information, keeping plugins and WordPress up to date, and basic support.

How does WeCare help my business?

By combining hosting and labor hours into a single package, WeCare allows you to easily include your website maintenance into your monthly, quarterly, or annual budgets. You have the peace of mind knowing that, should anything need to be done on your website, you have a personal contact within the company in order to ensure that your site is maintained.

Which plan is right for me?

For basic WeCare, we offer Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly packages. The package that suits your needs depends on the functionality of your website as well as how often you need to make changes.

For example, an eCommerce site that needs regular maintenance and updates in regards to content and products would be best on a monthly plan, with 5 hours available per month in order to keep up to date.

An informational site with a few simple pages and a contact page would be best on the yearly plan, as changes would need to be made rarely and maintenance would be simple.

Do my WeCare labor hours roll over?

No, WeCare labor hours do not carry over to the next month/quarter/year.

What happens if I go over my allotted WeCare hours?

If you are close to or have reached your limit on your WeCare labor hours as per your designated WeCare plan, you will be contacted by your WeCare team member to discuss moving you to the next WeCare plan or to design a WeCare plan that works for your specific needs.

When and how can I contact my WeCare team member?

Upon signing up for your WeCare plan you will be given contact information for your WeCare team member. You can reach your WeCare team member by either phone or email, and can contact them at any point during our business hours.

Richweb’s business hours are 9:00am – 5:00pm Monday-Friday, excluding federal holidays.

How long will it take for my WeCare team member to complete my request?

When reaching out to your WeCare team member, s/he will respond within 24hrs and provide you with an estimate of completion time. Most requests are fulfilled within the same business day. Please note that if you contact your WeCare team member after 4:00pm, it is likely you will not hear back until the next business day.