Customer Self-Backups and Richweb Backups

Believe it or not, this actually goes hand in hand with the “Richweb / Globalweb Hosting and MySQL Database Backups” post I’ve made.

We already backup the databases each night, on the database cluster, using a full mysql dump.


root@db1 10:49:39 > /data/BACKUP/db # find ./ | grep vh

We already backup the filesystem too – nightly rsync off site on even days and nightly rysnc onsite on odd days.

And there are 2 historical files – full tarballs – of the site kept as well back 45 days or so:

2016-10-20_data_gwebvs3.tar.gz 2016-11-20_data_gwebvs3.tar.gz

My problem with php web app driven backups is they:

Write the backups into the web files, making the backups ever larger;
They never get deleted;
Rely on wget of a url to run, which means they run from the web process, which is shoddy (error prone), timeouts, etc; and
They can easily be deleted or damaged accidentally or intentionally via an ftp client mistake.

We prefer (well insist) the backups be kept on separate disks/locations etc.

If you want an extra level of backups, you can setup a job to run once a month, and then have a script that logs in via ftp and pulls them back to your site if you want. We can create a script that pushes our backups to an ftp server of your choice too, just would take a little time to set it up.

Backups I see now:

root@vs3 10:52:18 > /var/www # find [CLIENTNAME]/backups/

root@vs3 10:52:21 > /var/www # ls -alt [CLIENTNAME]/backups/database/1477667989@@[CLIENTNAME]
-rw-r–r– 1 www-data www-data 554256 Oct 28 11:20 [CLIENTNAME]/backups/database/1477667989@@[CLIENTNAME]

root@vs3 10:52:27 > /var/www # ls -alt [CLIENTNAME]/backups/database/1480345326@@[CLIENTNAME]
-rw-r–r– 1 www-data www-data 556997 Nov 28 10:02 [CLIENTNAME]/backups/database/1480345326@@[CLIENTNAME]

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Re: Customer Self-Backups and Richweb Backups
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Our wordpress customers are hosted on our standalone vmwp nodes which is a quad core (full cores) vm with 10G of ram and typically a block of 8 to 12 ips and 12 to 15 sites.

Each vmwp node has a built in load balancer and content acceleration engine but the database is pointed at one of the MySQL storage nodes.

The vmwp nodes backup their content each nite to a replication server. This is all of the website files, images, php code, js and css files, etc – all media and code files.

Odd nites use an on site replica server, even nites are pushed to QTS for offsite backup.

Once a month a full snapshot is taken. We keep 2 months of snapshots.

The databases are backed up each nite (full snap) and pushed the same way – evens and odds. 10 days of backups are kept, and then monthly archives for 1 year are kept.

If you have need to recover old data its best to ask quickly, before backups are over-written. Recovering data from 6 months ago for example can be a challenge.

Full snaps of the filesystem web dirs are stored in: /data/BACKUP/content/

And can be uncompressed to fetch files as needed.

We can also ship backups to a customer ftp site if desired. And we can arrange for longer term storage of backups if needed, like plugging in the GlobalWeb RBS system for long term storage of file backups.