Richweb's Tips for Teleconferencing Do's and Don'ts

During these days of businesses staff working remote Richweb has gathered some tips to keep your team meetings productive, respectful and quick.

With the advanced technology today, everyone in the world can set up a conference. With teleconference, it is a great way to involve parties who cannot join a meeting in person. Business meetings will become more flexible and productive when you include some advanced tools such as call in and video conferencing apps. However, there are teleconference etiquette rules that everyone must follow to have respect for each other and a smooth meeting with all participants. There must be a positive outcome of the meeting as well as a good impression among the parties involved because the lack of teleconference etiquette cannot offer an effective and desired results.

Guidelines for both video and audio conferencing:
• Everyone can see and hear you, all the time.
o First remember to MUTE yourself.
o Second, if this is a video conference keep in mind even if you are not speaking others in the conference can still see you. Read More

Are your Telecommuters Putting the Business at Risk?

Make sure your Telecommuters Are Not Putting Your Business at Risk

In these unique times we are experiencing many employers are converting office workers to remote workers for safety and health.


Richweb can help set up a secure VPN (Virtual Private Networks) for our customers to allow seamless work whether home or at your desk. Our OpenVPN creates a secure tunnel in which your employees can remote into the office network without being vulnerable to hackers. Once your OpenVPN is set up then you can use RDP to access your network.


What is RDP and how does it work?

Remote access is the ability to access a computer or a network remotely through a network connection. Read More