Savision iQ

Savision is a powerful ITOps solution that integrates and controls all your existing monitoring, cloud, and service management tools. It solves problems by putting the issue right in front of you on clean and personalized dashboards that can be accessed anywhere, from any device.

How Savision Works

Single Pane of Glass

All your existing monitoring, cloud, and service management tools integrate with Savision, so you can have an overview of all your data while retaining the benefits and strength of each tool. Track your applications across different domains and control their live status through a smart layer that sits on top of your IT environment. Future-proof your IT operations — if you decide to add or replace an IT tool, you can connect it to Savision and enjoy the same features and benefits.


All your alerts in one Services Overview

Savision correlates and prioritizes all your alerts into one Services Overview.

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