Disaster Recovery Replication and Colocation

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Datto delivers a comprehensive suite of MSP-centric products and services to help you expand revenue and run your business

Datto delivers a comprehensive suite of MSP-centric products and services to help you expand revenue and run your business, including:

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
Remote Monitoring and Management
Managed Networking Services
Professional Services Automation
M365 and Google Workplace
File Backup and Sync


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Disaster Recovery Replication and Colocation

Disaster Recovery and Replication We Make sure your business does DR the Right way. Backing up your data is not a DR solution unless you have recovery plans and processes that work, and work in a timely manner. Even a Backup and recovery plan can be insufficient for business continuity if damaged infrastructure cannot sustain or support the necessary business operations for ongoing business continuity.

Backup for disaster Recover data in a timely manner Compute Replication capability to continue operations.

I.T. as a Service – Richweb can host your business infrastructure Using Public Or Private Cloud options.

Data Center Hosting / Colocation

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Data, Web, Virtualization, and Hosting. We do it ALL.

For more than 25 years, we’ve been passionate about achieving better results for our clients.

Security First

Most web development firms outsource the hosting for the sites that they develop.

Richweb is NOT your typical web development firm. We have the in-house security, router, firewall, system administrators and DBA talent to host our clients’ applications and servers. This means you do not have to worry about the performance of your Richweb developed site. We optimize it for the EXACT environment it will be hosted in and if your site has a problem, we FIX it rather than pointing fingers at the hosting company.


Richweb buys premium data center space at multiple different carrier-grade data center facilities in Ashland, Virginia. Data is backed up nightly to an alternate Richmond area secure facility providing maximum redundancy and fail-over. Richweb manages its own routing, firewalling and security in-house so there is not the typical 24 to 48 hour change window many hosting companies must wait to get critical database, firewall, or server changes made.

The bottom line: Richweb is able to provide unparalleled technical and customer support by eliminating third-party hosts. And if you need to host your own application, our team has the know-how to setup a secure hosting environment at your location.

Virtual Servers

Richweb offers its customers a way to host their web sites and applications in a safe, secure environment with a dedicated operating system and application set for each individual client.  A physical server is NOT required, which saves our customers more than 50% off a typical hosting package price. Richweb uses secure Virtual Servers to offer the same protection and isolation for a client application as a physical server would. With power and cooling major economic factors in todays datacenter markets, virtual servers are something many providers are starting to offer. Richweb has offered virtual servers since 2006, and in fact all of our internal operations are virtualized as of 2007.  Our virtual servers are reliable and fast and we can manage the patching and system configuration aspects so you don\’t have to worry about these headaches.

Root access via ssh or via webmin control panel is available if you prefer to have full control of your vserver.

Security Q&A

A complete Richweb web application server system consists of:

  • An application server connected at one of our secure colo facilities, a database server, and a network firewall. All management of Richweb servers is done remotely either via a browser interface or via secure shell (software updates and database restoration if the customer requests a restore).
  • A browser installed on the client PCs. (MS IE9, IE10, Safari, Chrome and Firefox suggested; system should work with older browsers but they are not officially supported).
  • An embedded database (Firebird, MySQL RDBMS engines are loaded on the server).
  • A secure (SSL) web interface for end users and Program Administrators
  • Housekeeping programs that update the system automatically each night.

Richweb has a monthly scan performed by Qualys Scanner – qualys.com. Results are reviewed and any level 3, 4 or 5 vulnerabilities are addressed immediately. (Levels 3 and above are considered potential attack vectors, levels 1 and 2 are information gathering). If a level 1 or 2 issues is possible to address, Richweb will address the issue (many level 1 or 2 issues are false positives in fact). In this packet of information are the scan results against several servers at one of Richweb’s data centers. These scan results are very representative of the overall security posture that Richweb is able to achieve. We have address ALL outstanding serious security exposures and/or vulnerabilities that were detected by the scans continually.

In addition, Richweb profiles all of the applications that are requested for hosting by our clients into 2 categories: “unknown/not measured” and “dangerous”. Dangerous applications are those apps that are known to be poorly written via source code audit and/or have a continual stream of disclosed vulnerabilities. Richweb takes additional security precautions such as extra outbound packet filters and increased host based intrusion detection measures when a client insists on hosting an app classified as dangerous. Of course Richweb’s first step in this process is to educate the customer about the application in question in an effort to remove the need for hosting the application in the first place (perhaps a suitable more secure replacement app is available).

As part of OCC (Federal Banking Regulators) Pen testing that was done for a Richweb client using a Richweb server hosting a production (live) representative set of applications no successful penetration was achieved during testing. In addition Richweb firewalls have been pen tested several times by different clients with no successful penetration. Real world experience has shown our servers to be maximally secure with password weakness being the only exploited attack vector in the last 8 years. As we all realize, passwords are only as secure as the client administrator can keep them.

The cabinets which house the servers are locked; the servers are locked at the BIOS level. Only authorized (by Richweb) data center personnel have access to the servers (as directed by Richweb).

All source code, server configuraton files and server system files that detail setup are checked into and managed with the industry leading open source code management software Subversion. Richweb uses Subversion over SSL protected HTTPS sessions so no source code or config files are pulled via clear text protocols at any time.

Richweb does not maintain or create accounts for Richweb management purposes to client database instances unless authorized and instructed to do so by an authorized Program Administrator of the client in question. This authorization should be given via the telephone. Some clients have made arrangements with Richweb whereby certain actions can be taken via emails from the PA/PM but usually these directives are issues via telephone conferences or conversations. A written email will then be sent for confirmation of any action that is to be taken. This provides an audit trail for the access that was granted. Richweb logs all time spent supporting a client in our EMS project management system. The EMS system project logs will contain these notes and actions taken.

All databases and web applications and websites hosting services are virtualized. This means that the server is in and of itself a virtual server. This technology allows for quick and efficient backup as well as restoration of the complete operating image of both the server and its services as well as the applications and the data the applications need.

Richweb maintains additional server capacity at its backup data centers. These servers are idle when a customer is not using an image on the server in disaster recovery mode.

Backups of the filesystem and the databases are handled by 2 separate backup processes.

Full backups of each customer database are cut to disk on the local server and then replicated back to Richweb’s NOC via the rsync+ssh protocol, which is an industry standard for secure, fast, efficient remote file replication.

Database backups can be arranged for weekly, twice weekly, or daily intervals depending on how fast the data is updated.

Richweb takes monthly and/or weekly full filesystem backups of your vserver. Monthly backups are standard, weekly backups can be arranged if you have a fast changing site that places content or data on the filesystem.

Richweb also takes a nitely incremental backup of each vserver. This incremental backup is written over each nite so if you inadvertantly delete a file or directory contact Richweb immediately and we can fetch the backup from the disk image.

Custom backup schedules can also be arranged with Richweb. Some customers like to have images of disks or databases zipped up and uploaded to a customer ftp server or dropped to dvd, cdrom, usb hardrive, or tapedrive.