Infrastructure Management

IT as a Service (ITaaS) platform

IT Infrastructure Consulting and Management

Infrastructure management is Richweb’s IT as a Service (ITaaS) platform.It means Richweb takes the burden of managing your IT infrastructure off your company’s hands, and we put into ours. Through managed services, our company can bring an enterprise-grade IT experience to your business. Richweb works with you and your team to implement secure policies, industry best practices, automation, monitoring, disaster recovery, cloud and data center connectivity. We provide these services in a cost effective manner, while customizing solutions to meet your company’s needs and budget. With Richweb’s ITaaS platform, you can be reassured that your routers and switches, wireless network and servers, security and backups are all being handled by professionals.

Network Security

From the end user to the core, Richweb can protect you and
ensure your data remains confidential with impeccable security. Network security takes work and persistence. No one solution acts
as a cure-all. We understand that position and can work with you to build a solution to meet your needs and budget. Our expertise in data center and distributed networks gives us deeper insight into common
pain points and vulnerabilities. We give free Network consultations and are happy to let you know just what the security and strength of your network is. Richweb is now Soc 2 Type 2 audited which is paramount to knowing your IT provider is giving you the security you need.

How It Works

Putting us in the driver’s seat is the key to your success. This means Richweb is verifying and installing updates, installing new software, updating software, preventing blacklisted software from being installed, and keeping tabs on the general health of ALL your PCs.

We have a four step plan for your network and information security. This includes ThreaSTOP DNS based threat protection, Malware Bytes, Avast, and Active Directory managed by us.  This plan makes it extremely difficult for anyone intending to attack your network or end user PCs. 

Part of this equation is letting us handle your route / switch / and firewall needs.  This is our bread and butter, but it also enables us to keep your network secure and diagnose issues as they arise. We deploy cost-effective, secure, and manageable wireless solutions to keep your employees and guests connected to the network and internet, while keeping them separate from one another.

We offer physical servers and servers stored in our cloud to help you manage your data sharing and internal files. This is part of our remote backup solution that can copy your files securely to the cloud and restore lost or corrupted files in minutes. Richweb can restore your entire server if disaster strikes, fully backed up and ready to deploy.

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