Are you questioning your current spam filter?

Is your current solution too expensive to maintain?

Are your Admins spending too much time updating and changing rule sets?

Is your email system not secure enough allowing viruses, worms, and Malware to get through?

Does your current solution have no room for growth without costly upgrades or fees?

Worried about other companies Security Breaches will increase your risk of successfull Phishing emails?

What is Mailscanner?

MailScanner is an e-mail security and anti-spam package for e-mail gateway systems. It is not designed to be run on Microsoft Windows desktop PCs. Instead, it is designed to be run on mail servers operated by companies and internet service providers (ISPs) so that all their users and customers can be protected from one place. This avoids the need for any software to be installed on individual desktop PCs at all.


What makes Richweb’s MailScanner service different than all the other mail filters?


· We have multiple clusters of mail scanners at different geographic locations.

· We will hold your email if you lose for your mail server

· We allow you to talk to a person when you have a problem with MailScanner

· We have added a web interface to a very effect tool so you can manage your subscription from anywhere

· We write our own rule set from submissions from our clients which help the whole Richweb community

· We do all of the time consuming work so you do not have to

· Very high success rate of catching spam coupled with a very low false positive rate.

· We actually care. We continue to modify MailScanner based on customer requests.

· We do not charge extra for new enhancement. We charge based on number of users not on product tiers. Everyone gets the premium package. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our product.

· Richweb has been filtering email for over 10 years now

· Easy growth your numbers grow no problem plan You can’t outgrow our service

· We have multiple datacenters

· Multiple ip addresses


· We have a quarantine area