How MailScanner from Richweb is different

Are you questioning your current email filtering solution?

Is your current solution too expensive to maintain?

Are your Admins spending too much time updating and changing rule sets?

Is your email system not secure enough allowing viruses, worms, and Malware to get through?

Does your current solution have no room for growth without costly upgrades or fees?

Worried about other companies Security Breaches will increase your risk of successfull Phishing emails?

You are not alone.

Most folks current solutions are either not effective or too expensive to maintain.

Richweb’s  service offers:

  • Web accessibile interface to check and manage your account
  • Easy to understand setting and updage options
  • User reports
  • No hassle set up
  • No hardware to buy
  • No new configurations
  • No additional set up cost or fees
  • Email storage if you experience network issues
  • Most imporatntly our phone and email support includes:
  • Friendly local(Richmond-VA) engineers
  • over 10+ years of email,dns,and span expertise
  • assistance with any problems from our servers to your in box such as email routing or delivery issues

“With constantly changing technology and evolving spammers it is nice to know there is a company in my corner fighting to keep my email and network secure.” –S.Lambert