What is MailScanner


What is MailScanner?

Notable Fortune 500 companies using MailScanner include Siemens Enterprise Networks, HP Laboratories, BAE Systems and Fujitsu Services International.

The US Navy and the US Treasury head the list of international government agencies using MailScanner.

Top education environments using MailScanner include MIT, Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford, UCLA.

This page contains content from the Mailscanner project site and the content in its entirety can be seen at http://www.mailscanner.info/

“MailScanner is an e-mail security and anti-spam package for e-mail gateway systems. It is not designed to be run on Microsoft Windows desktop PCs. Instead, it is designed to be run on mail servers operated by companies and internet service providers (ISPs) so that all their users and customers can be protected from one place. This avoids the need for any software to be installed on individual desktop PCs at all.”

“The software works with any Unix-based system and is compatible with a wide range of mail transports. It comes with support for any combination of 25 different virus scanner packages, including the free ClamAV scanner, and its design allow the use of multiple virus scanners in parallel to increase the level of security.”

“Protection against spam is mostly based on the widely acclaimed SpamAssassin package, which again is free and open source. It is supplemented with fast blacklist look-ups that can be used to reject a large proportion of messages with minimal overhead.”

“Protection against malware is provided by a very wide selection of checks and test, ranging from simple filename rules to content-based file type detection. It also incorporates one the most sophisticated phishing detectors [PhishingNet] available anywhere. Many other checks and tests can also be run against messages, far too many to list here.”

“MailScanner is extremely easy to integrate into your existing mail transport system, requiring no modification of existing sendmail [Your email mailserver]  configurations. …”

“[MailScanner] is currently used by a very large selection of organizations around the world, from small companies and ISPs to the US Government and Military.”