Why Pay?


Why Pay?

Q- Is MailScanner Open Source Why should I purchase MailScanner if its free?

A- MailScanner is indeed the most popular and we feel the most effective Open Source mail filtering solution.

You can download MailScanner and install it free of charge:


In fact, there are not really any truly closed source or completely non-opensource mail filtering packages. Popular systems like the Barracuda and MailFoundry are all based on OpenSource technology for some or most of their components.

This is simply a good design decision: leveraging the working software that is already available.

The ipengines.net MailScanner service is much more than just MailScanner itself. MailScanner provides the core spam filtering engine but there are
many other components that are integrated into a high quality, cloud-based Mail Filtering solution:


  1. Secure, Stable, Multi-homed (redundant) DataCenter and clustered servers
  2. Secure Operating System
  3. Robust DNS Management system: caching as well as MX record serving (authoritative)
  4. Postfix MTA (Message Transfer Agent, also known as SMTP server)
  5. MailScanner engine
  6. SpamAssassin message analysis software
  7. Bayes Databases
  8. Custom intelligent IP and SMTP firewalling
  9. Custom Rulesets and rule score management
  10. Custom white and blacklist tools
  11. Commercial and OpenSource Domain and IP Blacklists
  12. Custom Header analysis tools
  13. ClamAV antivirus engine with malware detection
  14. Custom 3rd party ClamAV rulesets
  15. Reporting and Management tools to tie all of the other systems together

Of the 15 components needed to manage a complete system MailScanner provides only 1 of those pieces itself. You would need to integrate all of the other pieces with MailScanner yourself AND you would need to have a full time in-house team of IP, DNS, and SMTP/E-mail experts to keep it all updated, patched, current and running at a high level of performance. Essentially this is the value proposition of the MailScanner service – the ability for customers to outsource the expertise needed to keep e-mail flowing properly and securely to an knowledgeable team that is easy to work with and a solid product/service.