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Richweb's Managed Desktop Services

Richweb provides a wide range of managed desktop services, such as modern Entra ID / Intune Solutions, Hybrid Private Cloud and Entra, and traditional on-premise servers with desktop services. Our Managed Desktop Services can be tailored to fit your business, whether it is a local SMB or a rapidly growing mid-enterprise. 

Richweb Managed Desktop Services are typically provided on a per user and . We take on the responsibility of managing, monitoring, and supporting the IT Infrastructure. This can help the client organization to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and free up internal resources to focus on core business activities.

Overall, Managed Desktop Services can be an effective way for organizations to streamline their IT operations and improve their business performance.

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What is Intune?

Microsoft Intune acts as a digital guardian for your work devices, offering a suite of management tools that streamline device setup, configuration, and security. Imagine having a dedicated assistant for your devices, ensuring they’re always up-to-date with the latest apps and settings. Intune helps businesses manage their fleet of devices from a central dashboard, making it easy to deploy software, enforce security policies, and monitor device health. Additionally, Intune enables remote troubleshooting and device management, allowing IT teams to address issues without needing physical access to the device. Overall, Intune simplifies device management, enhances security, and improves efficiency, much like a trusted assistant who keeps your workspace organized and running smoothly.

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Our Software Stack


Admin By Request is crucial for privileged access management, providing secure, on-demand access to minimize the risk of insider threats, unauthorized access, and data breaches in organizations.



Sophos antivirus and email filtering are vital for protecting against malware, phishing, and other cyber threats, ensuring data security, privacy, and business continuity in today's digital landscape.



Veeam 365 backups are essential for businesses using Microsoft 365, providing data protection against accidental deletions, cyberattacks, and data corruption.



Datto RMM is essential for endpoint management, offering centralized control to monitor, manage, and secure devices, ensuring efficient operations, proactive maintenance, and optimized performance across an organization's network.


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Flexible Pricing Plans

Richweb offers a Per User and Per Device support and pricing model to allow for businesses to easily scale their work force both up or down.  We are able to offer a sustainable and fixed support model so our customers don’t have to worry about random support bills each month.

Managed Desktop User

$ 130

Monthly Package
  • White-Glove Helpdesk
  • Advanced Support Remote / On-Site
  • Keeper
  • Ironscales
  • Simeon Cloud
  • Intune Management
  • Veeam 365
  • SOC Services

Managed Desktop Device

$ 45

Monthly Package
  • Datto RMM
  • Sentinel One
  • Huntress
  • Admin by Request
  • Bitlocker Management

Managed Mobile Device

$ 30

Monthly Package
  • White-Glove Helpdesk
  • Remote Support
  • DNS Filter
  • Intune Company Portal Support
  • Managed Frontline Applications

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