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Cloud Services

Spin up cloud firewalls of your choosing with white-glove Richweb engineering support. We can help interconnect different locations or businesses to facilitate centralized infrastructure and needs like mergers and acquisitions.

Cloud Networking as a Service

Cloud Networking as a Service

Tired of upgrading physical servers and VM hosts at your office? Let us help you build out your new infrastructure in our cloud which can cut down migration and troubleshooting time dramatically.

Windows SMB - Enterprise Cloud

Windows SMB - Enterprise Cloud

We offer a secure and performant environment that is scalable for you to host customer-facing applications in either Linux or Windows. Features like dedicated firewalls, your own VLANs, Public IPs, and load-balancing are included, not afterthoughts.

Service Provider Application Hosting

Service Provider Application Hosting

Have an application that should never touch the internet and must be locked down? We can help you build that with an extensive ability to offer dark fiber or layer 2 encrypted transport from your premises to ours.

Critical Infrastructure Applications

Critical Infrastructure Applications

We are able to replicate between our Richmond, Manassas, and Atlanta regions, so if you choose to have redundant services know that they will be geo-diverse. We offer this as a DR scenario or livereplication.

Geo-redundant Hosting

Geo-redundant Hosting

Not ready to give up your physical VM hosting environment but want the safety of private cloud? We can install edge nodes of our cloud on your premises that replicate to one of our regions.

Managed HVENS Edge

Managed HVENS Edge
  • On-premise, public cloud, or other private cloud migrations to HVENS Private Cloud
  • Application hosting infrastructure buildouts (Linux or Windows)
  • Disaster Recovery site planning and buildouts
  • VM, container, and multiple storage options for different customer requirements
  • Virtual Private connection from your business to your new cloud

Private Cloud Hosting Benefits


A private cloud offering allows you to scale on demand without over purchasing of physical hardware. This is attractive as it allows you to have a flexible server environment without vendor / hardware lock in.

Customization and Control

Our HVENS private cloud doesn’t obfuscate controls for many of the necessary tools in your environment with provider-specific terms. Our cloud engineers work alongside you to empower your experience.

Enhanced Security

Richweb’s HVENS private cloud hosting provides a secure environment by dedicating resources solely to your organization, significantly reducing the risk of data breaches and ensuring your sensitive information remains protected. We adhere strictly to SOC 2 controls, CIS benchmark framework and HIPAA and SEC/FINRA security levels.

Compliance and Data Sovereignty

Private cloud hosting simplifies compliance with regulatory requirements and data sovereignty laws, offering more control over the physical location of data and making it easier to adhere to industry standards and regulations.

Improved Performance

With dedicated resources, your organization can enjoy improved and consistent performance, crucial for applications requiring high processing power or fast access to large volumes of data, without the variability seen in shared environments. Richweb’s private cloud is built on the newest gen AMD processors with NVME All-Flash storage backing your mission critical databases and file storage.

Cost Efficiency for Predictable Workloads

For businesses with stable and predictable workloads, private cloud hosting can be more cost-effective, allowing for precise resource allocation and avoiding the extra costs associated with the unused capacity typical of pay-as-you-go models. Public cloud consumption models can be confusing without having numerous certifications in a specific cloud; We make it easy for you to run your environment.

Virtual Machines

We currently have 2000 and counting virtual machines running happily in our private cloud. Everything from speedtest servers and custom applications to siem sensors...

Diverse Regions and Counting

We currently offer our private cloud in 3 separate, Mid-Atlantic regions and are currently expanding our footprint.