Microsoft Suite is a collection of productivity software that includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote.

It helps individuals and businesses increase productivity, communication, and organization.


Datto delivers a comprehensive suite of MSP-centric products and services to help you expand revenue and run your business

Datto delivers a comprehensive suite of MSP-centric products and services to help you expand revenue and run your business, including:

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
Remote Monitoring and Management
Managed Networking Services
Professional Services Automation
M365 and Google Workplace
File Backup and Sync


More than 15,000 customers use Sophos Managed Detection and Response.

SOPHOS deliver superior cybersecurity
outcomes for real-world organizations
Local Admin Rights, Managed.
Eliminate Local Admin Rights

>Your users will never know they lost their admin rights
>No one in IT has to install software or create allowlists
>Let us show you your future without local admin rights

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Richweb powers our fully managed customer networks with HVENS NaaS. This program is built on customer experience, something we share in common with our hardware partner, Juniper. The Mist Cloud is fundamentally built on providing the best network experience possible to the end user. As simplified by Sudheer Matta, the only two wireless problems are “I can’t connect” and “The wireless sucks”. We are solving these problems in real time for customers with predictive and self-healing AI services built into MIST. We use the natural language AI built into Mist to troubleshoot quickly and efficiently with customers. More often than troubleshooting, we use Marvis to help build integrations into customer business processes. This principal of working on the customer network, so they can work on their business, is parallel to the Mist vision and is why we are so clearly aligned.

The Four Pillars of HVENS NaaS

Predictable Spending

HVENS NaaS helps control your network infrastructure spend by giving you predictable costs year over year. This allows you to upgrade your network without dumping capital expenditure in gear that you will need to replace down the road. Network as a Service is crucial to mapping your IT planning and budgeting to your leadership. Being able to predict these costs keeps from costly full rip and replace migrations. The MIST cloud is the most important part of this as it is the building block for configuration and maintenance of the entire network. Constant improvement and investment in the Mist cloud allows us to upgrade on demand without entire lift and shift migrations.

Predictable Maintenance and Monitoring

Keeping maintenance predictable is one of the most important parts of maintaining a customer experience driven network. Microservice architecture allows Juniper to upgrade each service of the controller without taking customer facing services down. (Unlike previous costly WLC upgrades on legacy platforms resulting in downtime). Our network as a service is constantly being monitored by our 24 x 7 NOC for the SLA’s and metrics we set when we deploy your network on-site. Customized alerting for WAN failover or client authentication failures are in there in case there are issues Marvis can’t resolve, which is rare!

Predictable Performance

The goal for every NaaS network we deploy is guaranteeing performance to the highest level. Part of the NaaS experience is providing high quality, redundant circuits to our customers. We partner with our Data Center, Pixel Factory, to extend these services throughout the South Eastern US. The MIST advantage is being able to take junky internet and maximize it OR take a high quality circuit and transform the working experience for the end user. The EX switching platform is tried and true, being born in the service provider world. The key to MIST is that robust performance demanded by Service Providers is now readily to be taken advantage of in SMB and Enterprise environments.


Predictable Experience

The fourth pillar, and really the foundation, is experience. “Making it work” or “band-aiding” are terms we are adamant about removing from our vocabulary, and our customers. We are network engineers at our core, and sometimes that means constantly wanting to tweak solutions to receive the best possible experience. We know by the end of a demo or a conversation that a customer may be tired of hearing us harp about experience, but it is the single most important thing to the end users. Our NaaS offering lets the customer reap the benefits of innovation and improvement without suffering an unexpected bill or outage. This is the core of what High Velocity Edge Networking Services are supposed to be (HVENS). We are bring content closer than ever to our end users and it is powered by the Richweb team and Juniper Mist AI. 


Juniper Named Networking Leader Two Years in a Row

Mist AI in Action

Reasons why they are a Leader in Enterprise Wired & Wireless LAN Infrastructure


The Juniper SRX is our edge device of choice for standard deployments and we pair these with our Threatstop service for rock solid customer security.  Richweb has an automated Threatstop DNS or IP based blocking service that is continuously learning new bad actors and preemptively blocking them before they can get in or out of our customer networks. This policy is touchless for customers and is easily customizable for any block / allow needed for each network.

Juniper | Mist AI Office Bundles

The Last Thought

Like us, many of our customers love to see what new and powerful hardware can do.  We will always tout the Mist cloud, but let’s be honest, nothing beats seeing performant hardware in action. New hardware is great but it is all for naught if your power AND battery backups (UPS) are underpowered or worse, nonexistent. The final piece to our NaaS solution is a power audit and customized Eaton UPS solution for each customer when we go to install their network. This is one of our key differentiators and is a tool we have brought over with us from the service provider side of our business. Right sizing power and UPS is critical to any infrastructure, no matter how big or small an environment.


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