Richweb / Globalweb Hosting and MySQL Database Backups

We’ve received a few questions regarding backups of our MySQL Databases. I can confirm that we are running a daily backup (or more, depending on what your specific hosting platform/needs are).

There are rare exceptions to this:
* If you’re somehow running a local copy of MySQL on your private system/cluster, we are not backing that up… not in the same sense as if it’s on one of the Richweb MySQL servers.

* If your database starts with a “temp_”, “tmp_”, or “test_”, those are for development purposes (should not be used in production), and therefore are not backed up.

If you’re on one of our standard shared server clusters, your websites will be backed up (there are exceptions to this, however, we are working on ensuring that ALL of our clients are backed up, regardless of their account type.

Some of our larger private server cluster clients are backed up. The ones that aren’t will soon be backed up as we work through our entire infrastructure.

All NEW customers brought on board as of January 1st, 2015 will have their sites backed up.